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Netflix Sans

Netflix Sans

Netflix’s Clean, New Custom Sans-Serif Aims To Keep Distractions At Bay

Netflix’s success isn’t just owed to its extensive collection of on-demand shows—it’s also alluded to the design elements that make up its user-friendly UI. In fact, the service even customizes its graphic design to users’ personal streaming habits.

Now that the platform has earned a global name—even sparking the common saying, “Netflix and chill”—its job certainly doesn’t stop there.

Netflix’s design team, led by Noah Nathan and Tanya Kumar, has developed a bespoke typeface with foundry Noah Nathan and Dalton Maag—who has created typefaces with clients like US Today and Better Homes & Gardens—that works universally but won’t break the bank, since font licensing “can get quite expensive” on a global scale.

Clean, legible, and neutral, the grotesque ‘Netflix Sans’ favors aesthetics over distractions and aims to draw more focus to content, no matter the device you are using.

The new sans-serif replaces ‘Gotham’, an arguably overused typeface in the entertainment industry. Netflix’s designers describe that having a typeface the brand can call its own would also save it “millions of dollars” each year.

An interesting Easter egg of sorts is the arched top of its lowercase ‘t’, which pays homage to the screen-like curve of the Netflix logo.

Check out some applications of the typeface and view more over at design lead Noah Nathan’s website.





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